Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

yesterday my little daughter wanted to play with me flying with the plain to italy and asked me to take place. “we will be departing shortly” she said and gave me her kaleidoscope in the meantime. drowsily looking through the glass i started rotating it, unfolding its constellations, going on a trip indeed. while staring through i asked myself how this little gadget actually works and figured that the concept is fairly simple. in rhino it was built and tested swiftly and finished in c4d for some more texture and animation. and there you go, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.


and a Strawberry Fields Version



Is this Gh ?

nope, no insects where hurt in the making, though i was thinking about rendering it out with cycles utilizing grasshopper for the simple animation. it really is not a complex set up. the geometry needed is actually pretty laughable :slight_smile:

Okay like modules I really like it. Do you have a file ?

Or connect every same ?

3 mirror or sth…

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i think you are on a path there :wink:



ready for a Rorschach Test?



made some lines in rhino and put that into photoshop for further post.
idk what to call it, maybe psychedelic spiderweb?



aaand this is why I love the Rhino community !
Did you build it like a real kaleidoscope, with the little triangular mirror inside? I would love to try it as well

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Hello, this is so great! I just started to learn GH. Did you create a module from rhino and then animated by C4d? ^-^‘’