Was going for carabiners but got bored modelling

Two-and-a-half hours flat for a 1000 samples per pixel image at ~4500x2500 pixels. Not too bad at all I would have thought. Bit of a shame there is still some noise left in the blurry parts of the image, I always thought it ironic that depth-of-field and glossy reflections take longer to come up with a less detailed image, but there you go…

(click to embiggen)


Pebbles look good because I used the Displacement feature. I’m pretty chuffed that these images are now possible in vanilla Rhino…


David, this looks wonderful. I see it took just under 9 minutes. If you don’t mind me asking, what hardware did you render this on?

This was rendered using the CPU on my iMac (8 core intel ~4 GHz or thereabouts).

This looks incredibly realistic, thought pebbles were background image, well done.

I used this texture, and the blurred version was used for the displacement map.


Really nice!
Now please release Rhino Render from it’s duty and let Cycles as standalone take it’s place.

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Not until Cycles can completely render any image in less than 0.3 seconds, please. OK: 0.5 if you insist. This probably won’t happen for at least 2 more generations of GPU development and some major speedup refinement by Nathan, et al.

Edit: I re-read what you said and realized you were talking about stand-alone. I thought you meant display modes.

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That’s the mark of an intelligent person! Cudos to you!

Not Cudas? :wink:

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Yeah, you can tell where my expectations are from my first impression of what you wrote! :smile: