Kaleidoscope (Mandala) generator

Hello Forum.
I’m trying to create a mandala generator using a kaleidoscope-type tool.
The Parakeet plug-in has a great kaleidoscope tool…but it doesn’t work on the Shape Diver tool I’m ultimately hoping to use.
As an alternative, I’m trying other approaches…but without much success (you can see a demo I’ve been toying (unsuccessfully) with…
Can someone offer some pointers/direction/a solution please?
The script I’ve created is a mash-up of stuff I found online/YouTube…so it’s a little clunky and super slow…too slow.
I’m also keen to find an alternative to the Multidimensional slider.
Ultimately, I want a create a mandala pattern generator.
Any help would be most appreciated.

voroni_2.gh (22.3 KB)

Hi Jason,

It’s easier to rotate and divide than divide and rotate.

Mandalas are usually concentric circles subdivided per level + details. Here you are creating details and then rotating so the forms are not coming out seamless - unless you hit a magical number of divisions and rotations (start small…)…

Im also trying to make mandalas - on and off - and a start is to make stars…

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I made a simple example

mandala 1.gh (13.5 KB)

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Thank you for your reply Xavier…just looking at this now…

Hello there Xavier.
I enjoyed playing with your file. I like the approach - re: rotate before the division.
Ultimately, I’d like to create a ‘3d’ object rather than a graphical pattern - hence the Voronoi feature I used.
I’m super inspired by Islamic geometric art. Have you explore 3d mandalas?
I look forward to your reply.

Hi Jason

Patterns come in many shapes. And fortunately symmetries also.

You can search “Islamic Pattern Grasshopper” for a load of definitions and howto’s on youtube that you can apply to your projects.

Also remember that precision for a mosaic wall/ceiling is not the same for a laser cut paper mandala.

Going 3D is another fun part of mandalas. Which parts will you cut or extrude? You can carve or stack up ‘cuts’.

Again, see how your project and budget fit.

Here’s one i did but i lost the definition.

The definition was just stacking shapes x wise (check out the series module), then do a rotation of that pattern.

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Thanks for sharing Xavier.
That’s a great image.
I’ve explored the Grasshopper Islamic Patterns on YouTube in the past and found some great material.
This morning continued to look into using Kaleidoscope (the non-Parakeet one] and I’m convinced this is the way to go.
BTW, the Kaleidoscope on the Parakeet plug-in is an excellent tool. It works perfectly for my 3d mandala needs…but unfortunately doesn’t function on the Shape diver API.
Thanks again,

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