Lounge Chair ( Integrated Struture )

Started to go deep in grasshopper 10 month ago. it’s really nice software.


awesome it looks like a spaceship chair or something…i would love to hear your thinking process and workflow on this

Thanks for your comment Ahmed,

-I started with a SUB-D Form seeking a Curvy and smooth design, then projecting curves on the form as a next step, in this way you projected curves which you can divide them, where you can manipulate your data structure to get this diagrid structure,
-And of course, Multipipe will add fancy touch to your design.


i mean, it’s a nice aesthetic if you’re an insect. people seem to have forgotten that design is for humans. that said, i’m probably on the insect alliance since they are more likely to survive climate change and AI probably won’t have any quarrel with them

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you making a good point here, it’s not ergonomically designed. But for me considering a lot of constrains in concept design stage is something I don’t prefer. because it chains imaginations and complicated stuff. But out of this form you can get something for human. And now I am very happy designing things for my clients the INSECTS, Peace :v: