Complex models

hey guys iam intermediate person in grasshopper and i had several tries to model these. but i could not. is there anyone to help me.

My impression is the best way to get effective help [ given one can uploaded the file or part there in ] is to do so.

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Best to give credit to the author of design (David Bitton), it is more easy to search for references and it seems fair.


Hello Laurent,

I did not “catch” the text at the bottom of the phone image, I did not even “catch” that it was a phone image. Thus, my oblivious post as to the facts of the matter and thus made the lame suggestion. Apologizes and to David Bitton as well. It is a nice design. Good work.

Thank you,


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no problem for me. I hope not to be harsh in whatever matter. But sometime I respond a bit too fast because for me some questions seems to be asked by apparently (**) lazy people not even trying to make a search (already an answer on this forum) and not understanding that answers on this forum are made by HUMAN and not machine.

** : Not searching on internet or not given any reference and not giving source of design

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