Using parametric design for architectural structure

Utilizing the Grasshopper parametric design tool to meticulously conceive and actualize the architectural framework of a residence within a spatial context stands as a pivotal component of my training regimen. This endeavor not only fosters a profound understanding of spatial manipulation but also cultivates the adeptness to innovate and sculpt novel spatial configurations through the deliberate orchestration of constituent elements. Hope you like it !


Beautiful, although I’d reverse the spacing formula to have more portal frames and sheathing around the middle since here in California the building would split apart with the smallest earthquake.
Very neat indeed.


You’re absolutely right; seismic resilience is crucial in this region. I’ll definitely take your suggestion into account and revise the spacing formula to ensure that we have more portal frames and sheathing around the middle of the building to enhance its structural integrity during earthquakes. Safety is a top priority, and your input is valuable in achieving that goal. If you have any more suggestions or insights, please don’t hesitate to share them.

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Also, I visited your website, you have unique and wonderful projects

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Thank you Mohammed. I guess both of us loves experimenting. That’s why we enjoy this community.

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Exactly, What is the subject that you are focusing on these days and are experiencing?

Recently I’m getting into Rhino.Inside and Pyrevit, trying to get myself better at Python. How about you?

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Wow ! thats exactly what I am experiencing ! its about three month that I am focusing on Python on grasshopper, its as same as the first steps of learning grasshopper ! a little hard to understand the atmosphere of the python.

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It is definitely a steeper learning curve, luckily we have a lot of copilots to ask for help :wink:

If the spacing is for aesthetics I’m sure you can make it work seismically. The diagonals are on a more favorable angle for the larger spacings after all. It would definitely mean adjusting the sizes of certain members (but that’s an assumption, one would have to structurally model it to really tell).

Aesthetically speaking your work looks really awesome! And the presentation is neat too.

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