Break lines for fabrication drawings

Is there a way to Autogenerate break lines in Rhino using grasshopper. Also when creating layout it appears with breaklines and in model space it is not? Any plugin or component to do this?

Can you elaborate? a description of what this plugin or components would be actually be doing? What do you mean by "appears with breaklines and in model space it is not? "

What is a “break line”? :slight_smile:

Just to elaborate on behalf of the OP - when you, for example, have a long object that only has interesting features at the ends, you would insert break lines to hide the middle of that object.
It can probably be done in Grasshopper but the question is how universal a definition can be without having to go through a lot of manual adjustments for each thinkable object.
Simple example:

wrmd Make2D with Break (46.6 KB)
(I manually separated and moved the output to create the 4 views that show in green in that screenshot…)


In the layout views this is probably the solution, which couldn’t be done via GH.

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Thanks for the explanation. Sorry I thought every drafter or Rhino modeller would know what a break line is for drawings.

We use it for fabrication or Architectural drawings too when there is a continuation of same shape through out the length but we couldnt put it on drawings because more scaling makes it tiny in other directions.

If vertical or horizontal break lines are an option for you, you could place two of the same detail views next to each other with a bit of space and in each detail pan to the area of interest.

Thats what it does, you still haven’t given features of what a break line is or how it would work.

We can look at various programs and standards to fill in a bit.

In revit you can split a view on a page vertically or horizontally, multiple times, but it doesn’t provide a “break line”. This is done at a high level, splitting but maintaining a single view that can be moved apart, but not too close together or it merges into one again. Then you still have to put a custom masking family to create the desired break line look.

Autocad has the same capabilities as rhino, you have to make multiple views and create a mask.

The breakline symbol needs to be flexible in width, mask to a variable depth on one side and have a re-sizable center symbol.

The center symbol generally is a single zig zag, but on longer runs more than one is preferred. There are those who prefer a spline squiggle vs zig zag. This ideally would have the ability to flip sides when mirrored to match the adjacent break.