How to align detail views to each other when 1:1 scale?

What is best method to align the objects in detail view to each other if they are all at 1:1 scale ?

I need to align the objects in left, front and right views.

Method 1. If I activate a detail view and right mouse button shove hand, then repeat on next adjacent pane, I am doing it by eye.
If I wish to do so up close, zoom in first then activate else the scale changes !

Method 2. If I activate and select the objects they get moved in the modelling views, oops, dont want that.

Method 3. If I select the inactive pane, then use move tool, perhaps some temporary lines, then I have to reposition the pane border using control points whilst that leaves the object where I moved it to.

I dont want to move things in the modelling views.

so is method 3 the only way to align objects in layout view ?


Hi Steve -
Activate one of the details and “zoom extends all” (or “zoom selected all” in case you need specific objects centered). Then deactivate the detail and set the scale in all details to be the same.