Losing VRay materials and lights when Rhino crashes


Lately, I’ve encountered some Rhino crashes when editing VRay materials and lights (Rhino 6.24 + VRay 3.6).
When I opened the Autosave file, I found I’ve lost all VRay materials.
Is there any way to configure Rhino to save the VRay assets when crashing?

Thank you!

Hi, Arantzadeurrutia
In Rhino 6 McNeel actively promote their new RDK material system. V-Ray 3.6 did not fully utilize it and it still maintained its own material system. With newer versions of Rhino 6 there might be some new implementations that break the compatibility with the old material system. This is no longer an issue with the latest versions of V-Ray (V-Ray Next), where it fully utilizes the RDK material system.

I strongly suggest you to upgrade to V-Ray Next, or downgrade Rhino 6 to a point where your workflow is not broken.

V-Ray for Rhino 3.6 is simply too old (released almost 2 years ago) and will be more and more incompatible with the newer versions of Rhino

Thank you @Nikolay, I’ll consider your suggestion and upgrade to VRay Next!

I have the same Problem here - is it maybe the latest update?! How can i undo a rhino Patch?!