Unsupported version of V-Ray material

Hi, I cannot open any of my older Rhino file in V6 as I am getting this pop-up
“Unsupported version of V-Ray material”
I have switched to the Rhino renderer as well with no success.

I suspect if your disable the Vray plug-in, and restart Rhino, you’ll be able to open the file.
I don’t know if that will be helpful or not.

Thank you John for the fast reply. I found a thread on the V-ray forum- basically its a bug with the latest version of V-ray.
But thanks for reaching out.

yes it’s annoying. It happens with pre- version 2 scenes i believe. Workaround is either hitting enter until it has gone through all (can be many) or install one of the previous versions of Vray as shown in this thread:

Thank you- I gave it a go and that worked!

found a way in, boot rhino in safe mode. Don’t allow vray extension to launch. Import model. To save the model from this issue you’ll have to delete materials from it. This will salvage geometry but obviously it’ll have to be retextured and remapped :slight_smile: good luck everyone