Log-in OK, Launching Rhino NG

Hi to all,

Thank you for answers in advance.

I have some problem opening Rhino.

I can open and log in in my account in the web and it accept the account.

The problem is after logging-in and i go back to Rhino it says “Rhino license not found”.

Please see the attached file for reference.

Thank you,

rhino cad problem_1.pdf (190.3 KB)

Hi Jayson / Paul -
It looks like you are part of a team. There appear to be 30 members in that team and there are 13 licenses. I suppose it could be that all of these are in use when you are trying to fetch a license.
At any rate, please contact tech@mcneel.com directly as this issue involves sensitive personal information such as eMail addresses and license keys.

Hi Wim,

Thank you for your reply.

The thing is if we swap our account, i try to use Paul’s account in my computer, I can open the Rhino no problem. But when Paul use my account in his computer the problems appear.

Is there maybe a problem in his computer?

Thank you for the suggestion. We might try the tech support.

Thank you and best regards,