Cant Open My Rhino Software

Hello there,
I recently downloaded the rhino 6 evaluation version. I was able to use it for 2 weeks and then suddenly everytime I click on the RHino icon, I get a message saying that its unable to fetch my licence from the cloud zoo. I tried manually entering the licence key but it said it needs to verify my email address and that further instructions were sent to my email address. Then I notice my email address has a typo, which I find surprising since the license key was sent to the correct email address.
I tried reinstalling rhino and even adding another email account and entering the licence there but it still didn’t help. I now get a window saying that I have successfully logged in and at the same time a new window opens asking me to login. Please help.

We will need your email address and license key to figure out what is going on.
Since these are sensitive information, can you please send that info to
Thank you