Lofting together all the geometries

hi I’m new to grasshopper, I need help working out how to join four geometries together into one solid structure. currently I have four breps entwined but I want to somehow loft them together so they make one solid structure. does anyone know how to go about it, any help would be amazing thank youuuu

here is the script
joined script (52.4 KB)

here is a picture too

  1. You can’t join them into a single structure because they are comprised of disjointed pieces.
  2. You only need 1 of the 4 because you can use that one as the input to a polar array where you can specify as many copies as you like.
  3. You make Loft surfaces from a series of control curves, not a bunch of solid shapes.

What’s the reason you want one single solid?

so i can 3d print it :slight_smile:

If all your objects are closed and have no self intersections, you should be able to export an *.stl with overlapping objects and this should print fine. Verify with your print service…


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@Aman1 You don’t have four breps, you have 4 branches each containing 1710 breps.

Many unsupported and/or disjoint breps in this model.


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is there a way to make them a solid?

Get all volume centroids and find the closest neighbor from each point. Create a line between the two points, eliminate duplicates and multipipe what’s left…

ShrinkWrap with the right settings produces a solid if you don’t mind that it changes the form slightly.




This would still require a lot of supports for 3d-printing (don’t know what technology you’re using).