Loft connection (35.8 KB)

Hello, guys! I have a liitle problem with a tree. I tryed to make a loft between that points, but with every method which I tried, the result was a fail each time (I don`t know, probably nine, ten times). Can somebody help me with this or give me some advice regarding what should I learn? Exercices, tutorials, anything. Thank you in advance!

That’s an impressively complex piece of code! Is this what you want? Closed breps. (white group) (41.6 KB)

Loft between points? I don’t know what that means? The yellow group in this version lofts each zig-zag line with up to eight of its neighbors. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but is one possible way to interpret your intent? The ‘Tree/List Viewer’ is just a tool for examining the loft results. (59.2 KB)

Thank you for the effort, Joseph! Really appreciate that! I want to do something similar with this. Maybe it helps and unfortunately is the single reference which I have.

That’s a complex pattern. I realize now I should have used four adjacent neighbors, not eight. It’s hard to see how a “sideways” loft like this can be a “Closed Brep” (solid).

I mean, I saw this pattern in this way.

In my current definition, I do the rectangles with red, the “star” around these (green points) and now, the next step in my opinion is to do a loft between these points (green point), but not a continuous surface such as from ABCD which consist in extreme points of the geometry, something local because the next step after that is merge the all surfaces, close them below and maybe with this method I will have a Closed Brep, mesh it and celebrating the completion of this complex exercise.

I don’t know what a loft between points means?

Adding a ‘Min Radius’ to Proximity 3D (not 2D!) almost works but doesn’t quite… so this will likely require some Relative Item magic. (59.5 KB)

Regarding to points, maybe this picture will help (red points) (

I mean, in this picture we have 8 pairs of surfaces and I want to multiply this method for all these pairs of points.

Again, thank you very much for your help and your time. Appreciat that, really! When I find a solution for this issue, I will post it here. Cheers!

I see four pairs of surfaces. And they are not from points, the edges that define them are lines, ‘V’ shaped segments of these eight point polylines you created:

The more specific you can be describing what you want, the easier it becomes to achieve it.

The big hole in the center of this pattern/surface will be challenging.

Yes, you are right. It was a mistake from my side with that points. The loft option is based on edges. Thank you for the remark and sorry about confusion.

Actually, the way I see it now, the loft is between pairs of triangles. This isn’t there yet but it’s close! Needs a little more work… Getting data trees to match can be quite challenging - and fun.

Probably no point to it but can’t be sure until I match the pairs properly.

I took a brute force shortcut and one component is painfully slow (10 minutes) so will try to improve that before posting code. Every bit of this is a “Closed Brep”.

This is reasonably fast at 12+ seconds. Long enough that you want to disable the slow part (orange group) while messing around with upstream parameters but not bad, considering. (56.1 KB)

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It looks amazing! Thank you very much for your help and your time, Joseph! Appreciate a lot!

Do you know why is happened? I mean, I just download the script, load it and the loft option is a little bit crazy. Do you what should I do? I see a flip or something like that. Maybe the version of Rhino to be the problem?

I don’t know. Is loft options ‘Align sections’ checked?

Maybe Flip Curve failed? No, it looks the same to me even when I remove Flip Curve:

This code is a week old, what took so long? What version of Rhino do you have? I have R6.

You could try adding this red group to align the seams?


Please don’t wait another week to try this.

I have Rhino 6 too. I tried to solve this issue in this time, because I didn`t want to keep you too busy with this problem. I applied what did you tell me in red section, but the result is the same. :frowning:

I put “Align curves” and the situation is better. The problem appear in the centre where the loft do some alignment issues.

Maybe the groups from “List item” aren’t the same such as on your code?