Help Making Vase/plant pot


I am a begginer, I’ve modelled something but now I want to 3d print my model. At the end of my code I use LOFT->Cap Holes-> Brep

But now top and bottom closed. I dont want that I want to my my loft to thicken except the upper.Just like vase. How can I make that? Can you help me?

Welcome @pelinncoskun,

You at least have to show the relevant parts of your Grasshopper file or even better upload it.
Otherwise, it’s hard to say what you do, and give you a solution tailored to your specific case.

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You lofted a list of curves.
It is very likely that the first of that list is the bottom one; use “List item” to retrieve it.
Convert that first curve to a Surface parameter, then join it with the loft output and do “Brep Join”.

You’re right. I’ve uploaded the codes. I was lofted the curves.

new (12.6 KB)

Thank you, I’ve tried what you said but I did something wrong I guess. Can I ask one more question? I don’t know what to do with surface how can I join them. how does the brep join works?

In your case, the simplest thing is probably to construct the negative and subtract it from the solid that you already have, since you probably want a base or bottom?

new model (23.2 KB)


I have printed many vase-type objects using the method shown in the attached update to your file.

Note that it produces a closed Brep, which is what you want for 3D printing. The way you constructed your Loft control curves is more complicated than it needs to be, but that’s a different issue.
new (22.9 KB)


Thank you so much :blush:

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Thank you :blush: