Combining untrimmed and trimmed surface for a crease

Hi, this is a model I had posted earlier for some other issues. This time I want the straight cylinder and the bottom cone to be one surface and the crease pattern to be one so that it is printable. Right now it’s in two pieces and hence the slicer assumes it to be empty at that point. I tried joining Breps, Merge but somehow the script doesnt give me the desired loft that it is right now. The part where I have marked a blue circle is where both shapes don’t sort of meet. So, the shape needs to be one and only one script should give me the desired loft pattern.

light (62.8 KB)

Any particular reason you wouldn’t want to blend and join the 4 curves to create one loft instead of two?

Two other things to consider:

  1. The start points of the four curves at the bottom are not co-planar. I projected them to the XY plane. This is essential if you want to avoid further issues in making a closed object…
  2. The void can be revolved with a section curve. You can boolean subtract the void from the lofted and capped outside form.

light (76.2 KB)

Thank You… Well, I am sort of beginner. Dint know much components and the way it would work. This is exactly what I need.

All good :slight_smile: There are many ways to do this…

Thanks for the reply!