Connect selected parts of two seprate breps

Hi guys… I want to design a tower like the one shown below. It’s a twin tower which the top and bottom is connected together. I can only create each tower in grasshopper but i can’t make the connection between them. Can anyone help me please?

twin tower (16.0 KB)

Something like this?

twin tower (24.1 KB)


Thank you so muchh!! Your script helped me a lot.
So as you know I also want an opening between the towers. I changed your script a little bit and now when I want to loft the parts, somehow the top floors which should be connected, do not loft.

Do you know any ways to loft the whole project and not just each part? So I can bake it into rhino as a single object?

twin towers loft (35.9 KB)

Thank you for your time

First of all, think about whether you really need GH for what you are doing.
This kind of work is not quite parametric, and in Rhino, you can get the same result manually much faster.
This is only a problem of which curves are to be lofted in order, and there is no such surface that can be lofted at once. The result will always be a poly-surface anyway.

twin towers loft (39.0 KB)


Hi again,
Thank you again for your help. I know I can get maybe even better results in rhino using TSpilines but you see I have to do a structural analysis in Karamba on this particular design so I needed to have the model in grasshopper.
The good thing is I learned A LOT from the files you gave me. I appreciate that. :blush: