Loft curves not working

I’m trying to loft two surfaces together but it’s not working and the surfaces become warped. It worked before, hence the baked geometry, but I must have accidentally deleted a point because it stopped working. I redrew the polyline, but to no avail. I’ve flattened the C input and ticked align on the loft options.

Screenshot 2024-04-30 194113

Hi @Lara4747,

without seeing your original file, I guess this is the problem :sweat_smile:. You need to flip the second curve or it has to do with the order of the points.

Loft (9.9 KB)

Hey Fernando,
Unfortunately the two curves aren’t exactly the same shape, I’ve redrawn the polylines and this time the message ‘loft could not be constructed’ shows up…

And what if you use one of the polylines as a guide to flip the second one?

Unfortunately the two curves are parallel, so I’m not sure flipping would work.

please internalize any Geometry (right click on each and all Parameters that carry Rhino-referenced geometries and choose internalise data ) then save your GH file and post it :+1: