Lofting these two lines

Hey everyone,

I am trying to loft these two lines

but unfortunately the loft is not working, it is doing something quite weird, like this:

i was wondering if anyone knew any fixes. Perhaps loft is not the best tool to do it, let me know if you can think of anything else.

loft (9.8 KB)

Thank you so much in advance!!!

please post your Grasshopper file with the curves internalized

ooops sorry, i forgot. it is now uploaded

You can enable the option “Align sections” in the Loft options but it can be difficult when the curves don’t have the same number of control points or similar point structure.

In this case I would probably draw a more or less planar polyline at the base instead of the two arches and later cut the two arches. Depends a bit on your goal of course…

loft (10.3 KB)

Sweep2 is an option in this case but you should work on the arches. The edges aren’t nice… (10.6 KB)

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hi, thanks for your help!
unfortunately this is not possible as i need the circular profile.

since the top surface is a circle, would it help to rebuild that to the same number of control points as the bottom line?

Another option with the Grasshopper loft command: (11.8 KB)

Both of your arches are poorly formed for lofting this way. (13.3 KB)

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thank you!! that is very helpful indeed