Loft failed in GH, not Rhino

Hello all,

I’ve run into a bit of conundrum and I’m not sure why it’s behaving the way it is, I wonder if someone might be able to shed some light?

I have a number of curves which can be lofted in Rhino simultaneously without any issue, however when I try to do it in GH in one go it seems to fails with little to say as to why. It works if I loft two curves at a time to deliver the same result though.

Can anyone see why these lofts might fail?

Thank you,

Edit: it seems the surface freaks out a little when you try to join and cap the GH surfaces - see right object in last image (14.0 KB)

If you unify the surface normal directions of your loft, there will be no problems. (18.3 KB)

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