Locked Blocks appearance

The appearance for locked blocks works differently than for normal objects. Is there any special setting button how to control it? Or is it a common behavior/bug?

Thanks :wink:

Hello - can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing? Is the display mode set to defaults?


Hello Pascal,
here is the screenshot

Display settings = deafult

1 - normal geometry
2 - block object - locked
3 - normal geometry - locked

What I am after - the same appearance for all locked geometries - including blocks… :slight_smile:

Hello - thanks,yes, I see- apparently this is true for curves only - is that what you see?


Oh, yes, confirming this is true for curves only.

Still, I am using blocks for both solids/surfaces and curves. So the same behavior would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, of course! - it is a bug, I assume - I don’t know of any reason to do this. Thanks for pointing it out.