Blocks, false display

When i edit Blocks the diplay of the Block changes.
Suddenly i see the inner sides of the object not the outsides.
Someone familiar with the problem?

I’ve not seen that.
Can you post a couple screenshots and a simple model that exhibits this problem please?

Hi here are two screenshots,
one before i edit the block - one after

Can you please post the files and detailed instruction required so we can duplicate the problem here?

Also, does the same problem happen in the V6 WIP?

Here is the file. After doubleclicking the block the displayerror (like in the first screenshot) appears.
In V6 Wip there is no problem.

block_displayerror.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Martim -thanks, I see this… I do not have a good idea yet what might be going on though.
@Martim_Barrento - it looks like it is a matter of the Display panel’s setting for ‘Surface edges’. If that is checked for the display mode, then we see what you show - normally surface edges would not be on (defaults) for rendered mode but for some reason mine was checked and yours may be as well.

However, in Shaded mode here the selected block inside BlockEdit pops forward of the other object- the others are locked but I don’t think they should necessarily be drawn behind - there is still something I don’t get…


So far, I am unable to duplicate the problem.
I did notice that I could not get curves to display in your viewports.
I ran the “_4View ZEA” command to replace the viewports and then curves
worked again in the default working display modes.
Maybe this problem is as simple as damaged viewports?

It’s worth a try.

I can see that on Pascal’s system, it displays strangely like your screenshot demonstrates.
So far we don’t see any obvious explanation, but we’ll keep poking.

In your current Rendered working display mode, do you have “Surface Edges” turned on?
When Surface edges are on, we can duplicate the display but when they are off (default Rendered display), it displays correctly.

You are right, with “Surface Edges” off it displays correctly.
And actually im working on a Pascal system.

@John_Brock I think was referring to seeing this issue on @pascal’s computer / system. What Pascal system are you referring to?

@fraguada Prolly a ‘Pascal’ video card. Shoot, now that I have one of these as well, I guess I have a Pascal^2 system.


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its a Geforce GTX 1050