Loadable families with subcategory

I’ve tried to create Loadable Family Component with new subcategory but I have still some problems with New Component Family.

When I’ve resolved problem with categoryId: 1. The input category id cannot be assigned as the new category for this family.Parameter name: categoryId.

I get the error 1. ElementId cannot be deleted.Parameter name: elementId

Why the error appear: which elementId cannot be deleted? I cannot understand what I do wrong?
Any help and advise appreciate.

New Component Family_rhino to revit.gh (14.4 KB)
Annotations triangle.rfa (304 KB)

Is the problem the Category <> SubCategory component that is plugged into the Main Family component?

Also, do Generic Annotations support Loadable families?

I will take a look.

Main Family Component you mean all Model categories (not Annotation) like for example Lines?

I’ve tried to use Model categories but I’ve faced problem with categoryId: 1. The input category id cannot be assigned as the new category for this family.Parameter name: categoryId.

I want to create family contains flat triangles with possiblity to assign angles and lenght of the sides of the triangle via shared parameters (please see picture above).

I thought the generic annotations template will be the best choice. If you have any advice of model categories and templates to create flat triangle (lines or surface) I really appreciate.

Normally if I wanted a family to adapt to the Grasshopper shape, I would use an adaptive Family.

Here is an example: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Is this an existing Family in Revit which you are trying to change?

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I have the same problem, I can’t create a ceiling family apparently

For a Ceiling (system family) or a Host Ceiling Family (such as a light)? If you are trying to fake a system family see this workaround for adding System Category ‘faux’ family.

Is that a typo in the explanation ? “As an RFA file”

Also I am not trying to do anything crazy. I would just like to transfer a Shape from Rhino to Revit and have it classified as a ceiling and have all the parameters of a pre existing ceiling type that I picked, also to be located exactly where it is in Rhino. Is there such a component in RhinoInsideRevit, Pick geometry, pick category, pick type, profit ?

The Ceilings Type Parameters are specific to the System Family.

A DirectShape will get you the closest to your wish. You would need to make custom parameters that align with your System Families and DirectShape types for scheduling and tagging purposes.

Well I would need those things

So direct shape or direct shape types is not an option.
Isn’t there a template or a component that can simply get a geometry and transfer it to Revit, in place and with all the parameters of a type you have selected (apparently as a components family since it’s the only one that has almost all I need).
Component is almost perfect, there must be way to place it easily just the way it is in Rhino.

Revit does not have that functionality, their answer is the in-place component, direct shape or direct shape type; all of which come up a little short of your needs.

Are you talking about this ?

Why is there no explanation about it ? Why is there a Brep output ?

Model Component In-Place is a Revit UI function.

Okay we might need a little explanation on this, there is no help in the Rhino interface or your website, needs some update.

This is referring to Revit’s ability to create a one-off Element in a System Family Category.

Cool, but then the output should be called shape or form no ? Also can you update the help/definition in the plugin and on the webpage ?

The Component Family Form is for creating geometry in a Family & the output label seems appropriate

Just to get back on this.
As of know if I understand correctly, when I model walls, ceilings and other things in Rhino with a precise location in mind

My only option to have them appear in Revit at their exact location is to use direct shape as such

But then, nobody else can modify them and tagging them and scheduling them is an headache

Is that correct as of today ?

Correct, Direct Shapes are not modifiable via the Revit UI.

Tagging and Scheduling requires a shared Parameter.