Problem to bake into revit

Hello everyone, I am doing my first steps in RiR and copied the grasshopper code from the guide on RiR website.

I tried to copy that definition but my “element picker” component won’t work the same as the guide and I am having trouble to bake it inside revit. I did a small test with some geometry I have from a past project in order to transfer few geometry from rhino to revit puting this geometry inside respective revit families without success. Anyone knows what is happening and could please point it out what should I do to acomplish that?

Many thanks (15.8 KB)

anyone? :grimacing:

Use the Built-In Categories component to get the appropriate category, or Query Categories

so the element picker got substituted by those??

Element Picker was a general component, these are more specific.

I see, so I will have to do this for each category t I want to transfer to revit instead of being able to do it for the whole project in one definition, right?

I changed the component for the one you said and it turned out the subcat for black which is a positive thing, but the new family component is saying that my file path is invalid. The thing is that I always select this template for revit and it loads normally.


I’m not sure what template is referring to (its a project template, not family)

If you are trying to make a floor there is the Add Floor component. There are also Direct Shape Categories available for floors.

The New Component Family is looking for a family template .rft file.

Shift+RightClick to get file path option in windows.

Floors are a system family and work with Types.

I am sorry, I am new to Revit and forgot that it has templates .rte for projects and .rft for families… So for the creation of a new family with the new family component I need to select a existing .rtf file or I can just add the families folder path and it will generate a new family .rtf file?

The problem with direct shapes is that I cannot edit in revit if I need to… at least as far as i know. The floor geometry as the others in the printscreen of the post are already done in rhino, I just want to put them in revit in their respective categories and families.

In Revit to make a floor you are going to create a profile. This is what the Add Floor component does, takes a Boundary Curve, Type and Level to create it on.


Nothing to do with floors, the create New Component Family is looking for a string like you provided, to a template of your choosing.

The point is, I don’t want to create in revit, it already created in rhino. I have created the whole project, with floors, walls, windows, stairs, etc… in rhino.

So all I want to do is to take all this geometry I have done in rhino, and take it to revit so than I can do a better documentation with less effort.

I used floors in this case as an example, but I want to transfer my rhino geometry to revit and put them into categories so I can edit and transform them in their respective families

If you want Editable Revit Floor & Walls you are going to have to use the Add Floor / Add Wall components, as well as create Window families and the various other Family Elements if you want to keep them Revit Editable.

Direct Shapes can be put Breps into various Categories quickly, but will not be editable in Revit.

So in order to be editable in revit I need to basically define boundaries to do them in grasshopper inside RiR?

I wonder if it is possible to take my breps I have made in Rhino, put them under categories and be editable in Revit. That is my goal, take the stuff I have done in my previous projects and put them in revit for executive documentation. All I wanted is a way to do this…

A Revit floor is much more than a brep; it has structural layers, materials for each and lots of additional information defined in its Type.

Depending on what you mean by Executive Documentation, Direct Shapes can provide a lot of information such as the Geometry, Material & UserData (Revit Parameters for scheduling) etc.

I know that it is more than a floor and that is what I want, take my rhino geometry and put those layers of information in revit so I can have a better executive documentation!

I know that you can extract a lot of information only based on direct shapes model, but if I want to do further interaction when I transfered my geometry from rhino to revit is impossible. For example, I want do a duct system or pipe going thru this floor, It would not be possible to make the hole in revit for those elements go thru the floor.