Little move thing

I’d find it useful if the move command would accept the “alt” key option to copy the object(s), just like when dragging…?


This doesn’t makes sense. If you are using commands, just use the Copy command. The Copy command is identical to the Move command except it makes a copy. It would take more operations to do Move+Alt than to just use Copy.

I find, especially when laying out a design of something in the beginning stages, when everything is more fluid, that being able to change ones mind in the middle of something is very helpful…

If you don’t work like that, no problem; don’t use the option…
(Not that it matters, but other programs, for example sketchup, use this method of duplicating something ie to copy something you add a modifier to the move command - it works very well…)


You can use gumball move while holding Alt for copying

Sure, so why not add it to the existing move command…?

Personally I have never taken to the gumball, but I’m happy for it to be there; it’s no problem And in fact It’s a big strength for there to be multiple ways of using the program…


I agree, adding alt tap to copy would be a convenient little polish for that tool.

I’ll write it up-

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If you are going the route can you add it to rotate and scale also instead of the copy option being something you have to click in the command line options?

you can always just type c enter to get the command line options without clicking them.

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So for Move command or any transform on the gumball it will be alt, but for scale / rotate on command line it will be c? Should Move command also be c then?

which would you prefer?

I’m not sure personally. Alt seems easier if it works like a toggle you can switch mid command. But then it won’t be consistent with the other transform commands.

how about both? add copy to the command line so It can be scripted and alt tap for mid stream copying?


Sounds awesome!

@rabbit, @Michael_Pryor, @theoutside, all - just fyi, DragCopy may be handy here - put it on an F-key. You drag an object and every time you run DragCopy, a copy is left at the current cursor location.


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Nice…20+ years using this software and I’m STILL learning new stuff…

And that’s why @pascal is the man.

Don’t know if this is such a good thing actually.
So many hidden features hardly anybody knows about…

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Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this a new feature in Rhino WIP?

Yes, it has been added in WIP, not available for past 20+ years.

learning new features is still learning.

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So many new things daily. Today I realized subD is no longer an output option of loft but instead has its own subD loft command. Is this how other subD things are headed? For instance, in Extrude it is still an output option.