Proposal for Feature: Copy while use moving tool


Hey Guys,

I often use the _Move tool which is very helpful to move objects by a certain amount. I would appreciate, to be able to just hit the «alt» button while using the command to make a copy of the object moved - just like when an object is simply moved by drag and drop. There I am able to hit «alt» and the green plus appears that shows me, a copy is made during the move. I would appreciate to see the same functionality during the _Move command is used.

I know, I can work around it by copy/paste the object prior to the move command, but it would be more simple (less commands) if I was able to do it after starting with the move command (in case I forget it, I have to undo and redo the _Move command…).

Just some thoughts… :wink:

Best regards



You can do this in Windows Rhino already, don’t have a Mac to test here…

Sorry, misread the post, this doesn’t work in Windows either…

What you can do is cmd+C to copy the moved object, Undo the move, then use cmd+V to paste the moved object back in…



I do this a lot, so I created a keyboard shortcut for copy (copy in the transform menu) and just hit escape when the copied object has been moved to its destination - dunno if this helps…


sure, this is the way I usualy work, but still it is some kind of workaround, isn’t it? That’s the reason why I would prefer to have the possibility built right in…


When the little ‘+’ symbol was rolled out to many Rhino commands, I put forward an argument at the time that Move should follow the same logic - i.e. hitting ‘c’ whilst in the Move command will turn it into Copy. That would bring it into line with the other commands (rotate, mirror etc).