Wish: Move command default 'move from'

Hello Peeps,

I would love to see the tool do this:

_Move [enter]
Point to move from [enter] --> This could choose the center of the selection rather then exiting the tool.
enter chosen coords [enter]

Good idea? (easy for centering objects to 0 for example)

gumball by default is centered to the object
grab the gumball and start to drag
enter a coordinate with at least 2 dimensions
gumball snaps to that coordinate

If I drag the gumball and enter coords it does not do anything with the entered data, it just goes where the gumbal move goes. when releasing, or pressing enter after i’ve entered the coords.

But primarily would just be a nice added functionality to be able to use the move in the proposed way.

The reason I like to use the move command, is that I don’t have to use the mouse for it, and this increases efficiency : )

Looks like this feature is a bit flaky. When I use the trackpad, keyboard entries abort the dragging. With the external mouse, everything is fine.

It’s a little change, that makes good sense. So I don’t want to counter it. Just pointed out a way that’s already pretty much there.
As for efficiency: Depends on your workflow. You at least need to select the objects. Probably do that with the mouse anyway. No need to type the command, no need to press enter to select the start position.

I can’t seem to replicate your approach but indeed my personal workflow would benefit more of this then yours presumably : )

drag selectbox
M [enter]
0 [enter]

would be my ideal workflow, since i will be typing the coord, i prefer to do as much as possible on the keyboard since it’s faster then targeting the gumbal arrow, click, move, type coord, enter/finish command

Hello, my wish about existing command about moving object understanding. I guess most people suffering sometimes very detailed design works and you might need to move or copy something! Surprise an object blocking your view to where you wanted to point to object. and it is snapped on somewhere you do not know!

How it should be?
Source object could be any appearance but, the object moving or copying snapped on the Mouse should be automatically swap wireframe slidely invisible mode that not to block our view where we wanted to locate that! it does not need to be ver light yellow that showing it is on proccess. we knew already on moving command! am I right?

Try this Python script :

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def move_obj():
    l_d=rs.GetObjectEx("select object")
    if gn!=None:
        for name in gn:            
           if rs.IsObjectInGroup(obj,name):               
    rs.Command("_Move W"+str(pclik),False)
Ciao Vittorio
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