Alt copy to work with move as it does with rotate tool


So I noticed that when pressing alt with rotate tool it toggles copy command, but when using move tool alt does not do anything. Could it be possible to add that copy functionality to the move tool? I realize that I could use copy tool for the thing I want to do, but it would be much more convenient and functionally uniform (if that is the word) to have that functionality in the move tool.

it just would IMO make sense to have that functionality in move tool when rotate tool haves it.

Thank you.

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This has been asked for before - if you search the forum you can probably find a discussion or two - but IIRC the general answer was β€œno”…

Yeah I searched, but only I could not find people asking for this functionality, just some answers mentioning that move tool does not have this functionality, when people were asking something about move and copy.

But I am sorry if this is dublicate.

If you Drag an object, (no specific command running), and Tap the Alt key, the little β€œ+” glyph shows up indicating a copy.

I use that often, but move tool is much better because of not needing to β€œzero” the gumball (with ctrl + drag) to the point I want to use to move from. I do know how the tools work, this is just about move tool and adding the same alt (tap) behavior to that as in rotate tool.

why not use the copy command? It does what you are describing and is scriptable,

you can also put this on the right click of the move tool and create a new button-

Yeah, this just is more about the intuitivity of the tools, because in rotate tool there is shortcut to copy and it would make sense to have it in move tool too.

you can edit the move tool to have a copy option by adding copy to the right mouse button-
shift +right click to get this editor open

Thanks, I knew that possibility and use it actually, but my point was just to have the same features in move tool as in rotate tool (because to me it makes sense), but this is not a big deal for me, and I realize that this might be a bigger change than just changing line of code somewhere.

Thank you all for replying, I really appreciate it.