Linetype scaling in model space

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I put up an issue on the forum last night about Ambient occlusion not working in a particular viewport in a project. It’d be great to get some advice about that.



Hi, I have a slightly different question. Is it somehow possible to assign different linetype scales to different lines/objects?
If not, could it be added to a wish list. I think that easiest way would be to add another object property value “linetype scale” for each line separately. Then it would be possible to change this value in object properties tab - either “By Global Value” or different/custom value.
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Almost 8 years past and I don’t know if this issue has been solved. I am a user with both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.
To make is simple, I will use an example to show what I need in my work and what results that these 2 version of Rhino had gave me.
Here is the example. In my work, there is already an existing dash line in a drawing I created in the model space, and I want to add a new dash line in the layout space which can act as an instruction for my drawing. In this situation, what I really want is that these two dash lines must look exactly the same when I turn on the print display button.
As a result, Rhino 6 works well, although the two dash lines are a little different in their scale. I think for me, I can accept this. It seems that the Rhino team have worked on this issue and fixed it already. However, in Rhino 7, it doesn’t wok well at all! In Rhino 7, the 2 dash lines look totally different! And if I change the line type scale in the options, it will change both line types in the model space and layout space. And it turns out that, when I turn to the layout space to watch the two dash lines, only one dash line can fit the paper after my tuning. Either the dash line in model space looks good in my layout with the gaps of the dash line in the layout space look huge, or the dash line in the layout space looks good but the dash line in the model space look like a continuous line in my layout.
As a result, in Rhino 6, this problem no longer exist. But in Rhino 7, this problem reappears like in Rhino 5 8 years ago.
And I don’t know why.

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FWIW -You haven’t attached anything.
Linetype scaling is working as expected in Rhino 8.