Linetype scaling in model space

Thanks Mary.

I put up an issue on the forum last night about Ambient occlusion not working in a particular viewport in a project. It’d be great to get some advice about that.



Hi, I have a slightly different question. Is it somehow possible to assign different linetype scales to different lines/objects?
If not, could it be added to a wish list. I think that easiest way would be to add another object property value “linetype scale” for each line separately. Then it would be possible to change this value in object properties tab - either “By Global Value” or different/custom value.
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Almost 8 years past and I don’t know if this issue has been solved. I am a user with both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.
To make is simple, I will use an example to show what I need in my work and what results that these 2 version of Rhino had gave me.
Here is the example. In my work, there is already an existing dash line in a drawing I created in the model space, and I want to add a new dash line in the layout space which can act as an instruction for my drawing. In this situation, what I really want is that these two dash lines must look exactly the same when I turn on the print display button.
As a result, Rhino 6 works well, although the two dash lines are a little different in their scale. I think for me, I can accept this. It seems that the Rhino team have worked on this issue and fixed it already. However, in Rhino 7, it doesn’t wok well at all! In Rhino 7, the 2 dash lines look totally different! And if I change the line type scale in the options, it will change both line types in the model space and layout space. And it turns out that, when I turn to the layout space to watch the two dash lines, only one dash line can fit the paper after my tuning. Either the dash line in model space looks good in my layout with the gaps of the dash line in the layout space look huge, or the dash line in the layout space looks good but the dash line in the model space look like a continuous line in my layout.
As a result, in Rhino 6, this problem no longer exist. But in Rhino 7, this problem reappears like in Rhino 5 8 years ago.
And I don’t know why.

Hi -

FWIW -You haven’t attached anything.
Linetype scaling is working as expected in Rhino 8.

Hi, V7.
I see I am not the only one frustrated by this, I have Marys setting ON.
I have just created a win10 Pc after 2.5 months of hell and high water,
2 weeks to install and make templates and hand entry settings as advised, for V7.
and its still got Linetype issues after coming from V5, surely after all this time that cannot be so.

The entire build has wiped me out financially, and the V7 install took weeks, but now I am functional. :grinning:
and it seems I now need to start all over again with V8 to solve this terrible problem.

OMG…is there a way of bringing in all the user settings into V8, and all the templates, the properties panel had so many changes everything had to be manually entered, templates I now have hand crafted so their units match their names.

I see no mention of V8 upgrade price surfing the net. at the moment and for the near future it would have to be free !
£2700 and that should be that, I am with V7, and skint…

and we need V8 to fix issues…OMG.

Is there not an easy way to solve this ?


Hi Steve -

Yes, for a Rhino 7 license holder and for the near future, Rhino 8 is free. It will be until, hopefully later this year, Rhino 8 is released.

Also see your other thread on this


if V8 solves the fundamental problem of dimensions not opening in Layout view same as in design views

then I am getting it immediately !

though thoughts of having to spend another week hand crafting all the templates and recreating all my custom buttons all over again, having recently done that, is a killer. and I dont have time for that.

I reckon I am back on V5 at this rate. V7 has been DOA for me so far.


yes, this is painful but it should not be. this should be a simple thing, just export and then import settings/ui/etc again. sure, most stuff is exportable but recreating a certain work environment in rhino can still somehow be very difficult and time consuming. I hope mcneel will address this at some point.


I strongly advise you not to use Rhino 8 for production work while it is still a WIP. You might find you rely on something that changes a week later. The purpose of the WIP is for McNeel to try things out and for customers to give feedback. It isn’t something to use when you are bringing home the bacon.



I cant believe that I am here on this topic again, but here we are, line type scaling in layout again.

so, I assume that we dont have an global option somewhere (I didnt found it) where I can tell rhino to use the same scaling for linetypes in model and layout areas?

I know that there is an option in the printing window, but I defintly want to look the preview in the layout the same as in the model area.

did I miss something here?


Is this still not solved in V8? Can’t believe this!

There are WAY too many different options, toggles, scaling factors to be set concerning Linetypes. This is not a feature, this is a huge BUG and it basically renders Rhino unusable for me since I can’t produce dotted or dashed lines in a PDF. If i can’t figure this out within the next 6 hours I have a massive problem!

I have hundreds of dashed lines that display just perfectly fine in model view. Now I’m trying to print it in a 1/20 detail on a Layout since about an hour and can’t find any way to have the preview and/or print output show a dashed line. I just want it to look EXACTLY the way I drew it in Model view, no scaling whatsoever!

Can anyone offer any help? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Just found out that one has to design Linetypes according to print preview and the scale them up using the scaling factor to show up in Model view. Really unclear why this can’t work the same way it does with e.g. Hatches where you just have a box to uncheck scaling globally.


hey Santaklon,

I guess they are fixing that somewhen: