Linetypes massive mismatch design view to layout view


In a file units inches decimal, I decide to create a Linetype call it Stitch01 and its 0.1 0.05 0.1
I have print preview on.
I get a nice effect near enough to reality, on the strap. 10.5 stitches on the diagonal.

Q1. They are not however 0.1 inch with 0.05 gaps, I draw a line 0.1inch long and its a bit shorter. Why is that ?

I can zoom in and out and always 10.5 stitches there in the diagonal line. WITH AND WITHOUT PRINT PREVIEW ON.
I then go to my layout view to create a pdf. It shows 10.5 stitches in the diagonal.

I make a pdf and get HUGE sticthes , NO LONGER 10.5

I turn on Print Preview in layout view and then they are HUGE.

Why does it differ , didnt do that in normal construction views.

Now in layout view the strap is showing smaller as I have the window scaled to show the entire item.

If I activate the pane and zoom it bigger the stitches on the diagonal forever change count from 1 to 10.5 to 20 as I zoom it bigger.
Q2. I need Layout view to show the same stitch count as in design view, at whatever the amount of zoom is, however much I zoom the view. How is that done ?

else if I have used a load of different dashed lines, imagine the total mess that would occur !

I try for V7 and the same problem occurs, so this problem hasnt been fixed. but worse, the tabs dont show which one is active, i.e. which view I am in.
V7 doesnt show view tab in use unlike v5

Q3. Whats the fix to get tabs showing which is active in V7 ?

I thought as the job was almost done, just layout view and pdf making to do, to finish it in V5, avoid any gremlins. ! Now that I have JUST finished my win10 build after 2.5 months of installs and hell.


Hi Steve -
I’ll start with the “easy” one…

Just for whatever it’s worth, this issue is on the list as RH-68842 Fix of InactiveTabBackground color is lost
Somehow, it seems hard to get that acknowledged and, so, unlikely to be fixed in Rhino 7.
You’ll need to go to Rhino Options -> Advanced and look for the Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.InactiveTabBackground setting. Double-click on the value and change that into any color that you want. The important thing here, though, is that you need to move the transparency slider from its current “zero” position to the right - might as well put it at 255.
With that set to complete transparency as it is by default, the color will always look as the active tab.

Apart from that, you are looking for fixes for Rhino 5 and Rhino 7 in this thread. As you have noted in the thread that is referred to from this one, things are different in Rhino 8 and that’s the only place where things are fixed.


You didn’t attach a file, so here’s from Rhino 8…
It’s not necessarily wrong to have 3 values here but you need to understand that this is “ON OFF ON” → which will lead to 0.2 shown and 0.05 as gap.

If you are referring to PrintDisplay -> LayoutLinetypes, that is gone in Rhino 8.

In a layout, the page size is taken into account and lengths will be accordingly.
This is the same scene as seen from a detail on an A5 piece of paper:

In the print options, switching between “Match pattern definition” and “Match viewport display” might help?


tabs solved V7 .thanks.

Stitch lines, despite ‘match viewport display’ see attached result V5 (cant use V7 due to dims issue , they vanish)…subject of another post.
upper is print preview and lower is pdf opened.

I am going to have to manually craft each stitch to solve this !


If I install and set up V8 for this I will never get done 2.5 months backlog.
v7 took me 2 weeks . win10 build 2.5 months at 14 hrs a day.

Could there not be an update to V7 with a fix ? No way can I face a V8 install right now.
I will get it for free before a charge applies though.


Hi Steve -

In Rhino 5, that’s entirely possible.


You seem to misunderstand the WIP concept. While a new version is in the WIP phase, i.e. before it is released, it is free to use for license holders of the current release. When that new version is released, the downloaded WIP will expire after 45 days. If you want to use the “free V8”, you will have to do so now.