Linetype and lineweight problems when exporting to PDF

Hi, I have problems exporting 2D shop drawings to PDF as the linetypes all “prints” the same (type and weight) instead of what has been configured per layer. Print widths and all checked too many times. I can upscale the linetype scale in Dimensions - Annotations styles for example from 1 to 5 and see for example dashed lines forming but still no control to the thicknesses of the lines and arrows and such, all prints the same. Help, please!

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
Latest Build of Rhino for Mac (Version 7 (7.17.22102.05002, 2022-04-12)

Hi. Is there a way to downgrade to a previous version of Rhino7 to get this to work?

It’s working fine for me.

Here are the 3dm, PDF and screenshot.

PrintWidth.3dm (3.7 MB)
PrintWidth.pdf (110.6 KB)

Untitled.pdf (9.2 KB)

Hi, see my pdf print of the rhino file you sent. All under 0.7 print widths are the same, and that is what is happening with me too, as I work with 0.13 to 0.35 lines. Did you try the different line types (dashed, hidden etc.)?

Happy to see that the 0.7 is showing differently, so is my workaround that I increase all the widths I use proportionally and set the linetype scale below 1?

Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you :pray:


Are you actually printing the PDF or just trying to evaluate it on the screen?

Hello! Yes, I am printing it, and saving se PDF

Hi Thommy -

What are the steps that you take to save this to a PDF file?

Hi. Print - [output and scaling] - view window - vector output - PDF - save as pdf

Hi Thommy -

On macOS, you need to use the ExportAll command to create a PDF document. We have no control over what the macOS “save as pdf” process does.

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Hi, I’ve been messing around with this problem the last days. Ive always exported pdf from Print with no problems at all with the same settings as you did Thommy. It seems is not working any more. I just found the way is not Print, Export command instead. Print does not recognize thin widths of lines.
Thank you Wim for the Export command.

The left pdf is from Print, the one in the right is from Export

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Ok, that will explain a lot as there has been many times that procedure has not been working the same way, ie. need to “open in preview” and save from there or other oddities. Let me try your method and if it is working which I really want to believe, there will be a small sprint for me to make revisions for customers :slight_smile:

Yes, the Print dialogue pretty much imitates this Export method. Live and learn, I am super happy to have this problem solved once and for all. Thank you for your input :pray:

Yes thank you boss!! All good now and a handful of beautiful shop drawings is in the making :pinched_fingers:

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