Printing to pdf line weights


I have been using Rhino 7 Layout (Mac) to do some architectural drawings. I have set the ‘print widths’ to the line weights I want them to be when saved as a PDF.

When I save them as a PDF (using the print - save as PDF ) the lines are all really thick/pixeleated. I don’t suppose anyone knows where I’m going wrong?

Thank you!

Hi Thomas - make sure you are printing as vector and not raster.


Hi Pascal,

I have just tried that but still isn’t working. Any other tips?

Thank you!


Hi Thomas - if you can send a simple example file that shows the problem, as well as the pdf output that you get from it that would be helpful .


Hi Thomas -

Have you tried creating a PDF with the Rhino Export or ExportAll command?

Hi Wim,

Thank you, sadly that hasn’t worked either.


Is there a setting I should have ticked on/off?

In ‘Print display’ I have:
state: On
Colour: Print
layout linetypes: unticked

Thank you for all your advise!