PDF Line weights wrong on Mac vs PC

I’ve been having issues with my line weights when I save my drawing layouts in paper space. My colleague was able to take the same file and save it and has no problem. Please see attached image. Mine, saved on a Mac is on the right. His is on the left. We have the same settings in the print menu (also attached). Please help.


I have found these settings and all of my Mac version settings match my PC colleague’s settings. The issue persists unfortunately.

see also here

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I did not check if the output is still the same, wrong from above files / topics…

I’ve set all of my line weights to hairline and they are still quite thick compared to my PC running colleagues. This line weight issue seems to be something that’s been around for quite a while. And unfortunately for me, it’s a dealbreaker for being able to export my drawings from my Mac. Our current work-around is to have my PC colleagues receive the .3dm file from me and have them export it to PDF which is not good at all.

I think it would be great to share a sample file - .3dm and pdf
just a few simple lines / curves / rectangles that show the issue in a compressed setting

and then hopefully @pascal or @Gijs find time to address this issue and write a bug-report.

So, I just created a file and exported a small part that was having issues. I’ve checked the PDF to see if it has the same issue and it is not having the issue. I’m attaching two screenshots here. The one that has super thick lines is from the larger file that is having the issue.

for sure the developers will need a .3dm file to debug and a .pdf file to see the problem

Hi Chris - please send both files (one ugly, one OK, the smaller the better) to tech@mcneel.com and please include a link back to this topic in your comments. Please also include the output from the Rhino command SystemInfo.


Thanks so much Pascal. I’m currently uploading to drive and will send a link to both files soon. One file is very small. That’s the one that looks best (although it’s not perfect). The other one, the one that I need to work, is the larger one. I’m sorry, it’s large.