Line widths not printing rhino 8

I have set up lines with different line widths, as per the linetype options, and on my display in rhino they show just fine, however when I go to export to pdf to print they are all the same width, I have tried vector and raster, and changing the output colour.

How can I get this to work? Im sure line types worked to print not long ago

thank you

Hi Joshua, can you provide your SystemInfo, ideally the file as well. Thanks

Hey, so after some playing about I realised my line widths are set to numerous values in the pixels settings, if I change to Millimetres and set different widths they print as I see them, so perhaps I am not using the linetype settings correctly?

Should linetype pixel settings print, or only show up on my display?


Correct, Mary gives a good rundown on it here.

Thankyou! Will give it a read through, apologies for thinking it wasn’t working, my mistake! At least I learnt something today