Lines in front of raster image fail to show


I have normally been successful in drawing on a layer with the drawing being in front of the raster image.

  1. PictureFrame, bring in an image, arrives on Cplane, save to a layer,.
  2. draw on another layer tracing features of that image.

Here I have placed an image in on Cplane then moved it behind the lines of the grid, yet they dont appear over the image. Normally lines can be drawn in front of an image as mentioned.

I have tried SendBackward the image,

I dont want bringtoFront the lines as they will appear in front of my objects (not shown here) and ruin the plan. They are supposed to exist behind items, (when con to greys) as an aid for printing and checking scaling.

why when I normally can draw over an image do lines here fail to show ?
grid forward of raster refuses to display as such.3dm (241.8 KB)


Hello- please run ClearDrawOrder on these curves.