Bring to front doesnt work on rasters but move fwd .1mm sees dims then hidden

BringForward or bringToFront on raster images doesnt work, trick is to move them fwd a tad, but then dimensions drawn over them vanish, each and every dim and line drawn then needs BringToFront,.

unless they are sent backward from CPlane by 0.1mm , and all other rasters sent further back. 0.15mm etc etc…


Hi Steve- there’s really no such thing as a raster image in Rhino’s 3d space - if you’re referring to planes made with PictureFrame or other surfaces that have images applied in materials or decals, these are surfaces and do not pay any attention to draw order.


Hi Pascal,
yes PictureFrame creations,

Any way at all of controlling them ?

What about draw a rectangle around them then group it and draw order that ?

Its a real pain they dont display as you want them.