Raster image vanishes when layer padlock turned on

placed first raster image in, gave it layer, padlocked it,
place another (image2) in, create layer, padlock it and image2 vanishes, only visible if first is turned off.

BringToFront wont allow image to be selected, though that will be a pain as the drawing I do over it wont be visible !

Tried moving it ‘toward me’ by 0.001inch but then drawing vanished behind it.


You can not select an object which is on a locked layer. Unlock the layer containing image 2, then use BringToFront.

Running the risk of repeating myself…


unfortunately David as wim reminds us, jpg is not supported.

No way of seeing one raster over another. unles I move it physically upwards in z.

or is there ?


Just to be clear - it has exactly nothing to do with the jpeg. It would not work with any image format in PictureFrame or any kind of texture applied to to any surface. It has to do with the fact that a PictureFrame is a surface, and not supported by draw ordering.