Linear workflow / Gamma settings in Technical display mode


I’m using Rhino Version 7 (7.4.21067.13001, 2021-03-08))

By default, in Technical display mode, with Print Preview, all print colors are brighter than colors that are set. In some other display modes also. To get exact colors, in other display modes, i need to turn “Linear workflow settings” to “custom” and disable gamma adjustment.

But in Technical display mode, there is no “Linear workflow settings” parameter in display mode settings, so i cant set exact gamma for this display mode, and even know what gamma settings are used for this display mode.

It would be helpful to have “Linear workflow settings” in every display mode settings to able to set it and see what settings are used.

Or the lack of “Linear workflow settings” parameter in some of display modes is a bug?

Hi -

The plan is that the features that the “technical” display modes provide will be supported by the “normal” display modes. Features of the normal display modes won’t be ported to the technical display modes.

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