How do you render out the Technical view?

I’m specifically trying to render out the technical style view, eg:

However, I can’t find anyway to actually apply this in the render panel:

Where/how can I apply the technical styling (ideally with an even higher anti-aliasing) to a transparent PNG?

Hello - Print > Image file is one way, ViewCaptureToFile as well.


Another question. It seems like the Display mode manager is really buggy, or has strange behaviors.

I just copied the regular Technical style as a new style, and tweaked the background color, then saved it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the new style completely changed on it’s own. For example, all of the lines became solid. Furthermore, the settings available in the control panel completely changed.

Observe the default Technical style and the settings it contains…

Notice it contains the expected settings like “Show hidden lines”, and the ability to affect Lines in the Objects sidebar.

Now look at my newly duplicated style, and the settings it contains…


The display settings are completely different, and the “Lines” sidebar item is completely missing. This happened seemingly out of nowhere. I’ve dug through and see no way of affecting this. What’s going on here?

Hello - what is being shown is a ‘normal’ display mode using the OpenGL pipeline. But, here, if I copy technical, I do get the correct technical settings and pipeline. I copied it by highlighting Technical in the list and clicking Copy… I assume that is what you did as well? (I do not know of another other than exporting an ini file and monkeying with that)


Yes, that’s what I did. But the moment I change a single aspect of the copied Technical display mode, it completely changes all of the settings to this… newer/different format.

Are display modes like Technical legacy or something? Do they get weirdly flipped into some new format when modified on purpose?

Hi -

I’ll need more details to reproduce this. I copied the factory-default Technical display mode and exited the dialog to check the mode in the viewport. I then went back to Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > [my_new_copy] > Objects > Lines and changed Hidden line color usage from Use object's color to Use single color for all hidden lines. I exited the dialog to check the changes in the viewport. Then went back to the display mode editor and found everything to be the same. What are you doing differently?

Also, please run SystemInfo and copy-paste the result here.