Linear Dimensions with figure near

Plans I am following have many linear dimensions stacked one on top of the other, you see one arrow head at one end of them and a number of arrow heads travelling out to the right, with a number between each arrow head


If I do this with Linear Dim I get, as one would expect:-


Is there a way of avoiding having to have loads of linear dim lines one above the other and doing it this stacked way ?

The palns can feature 20 or so stacked, I have to do 20 one above the other.

I have adopted d/click the number, then use space bar but its guess work and if one chooses a different dim style , they all then clash again.


You can turn control points on for a dimension and then drag the center point, near the number to where you want it.

Hi Steve- Set the Continue command line option to ‘Yes’.


It’s not quite the same as what Steve is asking for as these are all measuring distances back to the first point on the left.

Just stack the dimensions in-line like you want and then edit the control points. STACKED DIMS.3dm (75.6 KB)

Grasshopper has a version of this called Serial Dimension but it will be useless too you as you cannot Bake it and there is no way yet to customise its layout.

Dimensions in GH so far

Hi James,
I see that works now in V5.
in V4 it used to create a gap in the line.

I can now do that.