Dimension options - different console?

I’ve noticed that the options for linear dims are different from leaders - is that just an oversight with WIP or am I missing something?

The icon is different:


(radial dims are also different from linear too)

Dimensioning tools will be more complete in this week’s WIP.
You’re looking at a partial implementation of new tools there.

Your leader example is the old V5 style and the linear dimension is the new V6 style.

Ok, no worries. I’ve noticed that if I change the linear dims in layout via the override from mm to inches it swaps the interpretation of the measurement from model space to layout.

I hope that make sense? So what was 102mm becomes 10mm if I swap it to inches.

Please begin testing dimensions after this week’s WIP comes out, probably tomorrow night.
Please report problems.
I’ve been beating up on the new text and dimensions all day and have added a few bugs to the pile, but the tools are largely there. Youy’ll have access to them in the next WIP.

I ran into a similar problem like that with a different override today. The developer is working on it.

Will do. It just crashed. I’ll drop on to V5.

Cheers, John.