Stacked dimensions overlap dimension line

I have an issue with stacked dimensions, metric over imperial, with fractional inches. The upper number in the fraction (the numerator) overlaps, slightly, the dimension line, the long line that runs from one extension line to the other. I can work around this by using a mask, which hides the dimension line but that is inconsistent with my usual method and sometimes hides things that should be visible. I can also go to Properties/Dimension lines/Dimension text and select “In line” but that is not consistent with how I usually do non-stacked dims.
Is this just not possible?

R7 file showing issue.

Rhino Stacked Dims 2022 07 18.3dm (42.7 KB)

Hello- thanks, I see that. You can set the ‘Stack scale height’ for the dim style -


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Ah, in Options. Thank you.