Line weights and line type can they be made scaleable?

I created some stitching by using dashed line type, 0.9 lineweight and it looks good in printpreview when the ortho view is full screen. (normal modelling mode)

I then use layout and the view is smaller and the lines are one solid line, no dashes, and far too thick.
In another detail view and perspective the line with 10 stitches along it had but 3, start middle and end.
The dashes have not scaled.

I alter linetype for the detail view to continual and lineweight to 0.3 and whilst no longer looking like stitching its no longer looking silly. (doing so also caused block instances to show outside of the object they were within, another post)

What is the way to have what looks good in model ortho scale in printpreview remain good at whatever zoom is used and scale is used in layout mode and then into the pdf ?

The effect doesnt seem scaleable.

I also find that a dimension line between number and arrow tip can be invisible when printed, so I give it 0.3 and looks good with print preview on, in an ortho normal model window, I create a pdf and the line is same width as arrow yet didnt look like that in Ortho with print preview on. So what is the point of printpreview when the surprises come when printed.


I am about to do battle with these massive thick lines and llost hatches, again so hope someone can tell me how to stop them going huge.


Steve -

You shouldn’t use PrintDisplay in model space as a reliable indication of what the printed result will look like. A model space viewport has no information on how big it will be on paper. Use PrintDisplay in paper space only (i.e. on a layout).

Apart from that, you can control the linetype pattern when you print a layout:

Hi Wim,
Understood now on PrintDisplay, that would explain surprises experienced in prints !
I also use it to allow me to see lines as thicker than others when working, so it has a use in that respect, but as I zoom out in model space they get thicker, wish they stayed the thickness relative to the model when carrying out modelling.

Is that possible ?

Then there is the shock of seeing them in Layout Mode or simply when printing to the inkjet or pdf.

Are you saying there is no way of telling what they will look like until actually printing ?
I find myself messing about altering thicknesses when the paper comes out the printer.
Match viewport display sounds like its what I want though blobbed is the upper one, puzzled. Please explain.

I have just copied a Layout Plan which I had applied hatch 45 deg lines to on sections, and the triangle pattern on welds and that was just perfick :slight_smile: … to use as a basis for the next one wishing to keep that scaled to the item, altered scale of the detail from 1:2 to 1:4 and the hatches have gone less dense and my weld had one triangle :frowning:, so I need to alter their scaling value , blast !

What is the way to keep hatches scaled and looking good when doing this ?


Hi Steve -
You’re mixing a lot of things here…

No, In model space, the thickness is just the (fixed) size in pixels on screen.

The “linetype” control that I showed above is only about the way the pattern is displayed, not about thickness. That was in reply to your comment:

In Rhino 7, when you activate PrintDisplay in a layout, you will get a reliable preview of what the printed result will be. A very quick check in Rhino 5 looks reliable as well.

Have you check the Document Properties > Annotation settings?


ref hatches yes its ticked and 1.0

Is there by the way a means of giving a light edge to text and arrows, my dims are green, the vertical ones, or even the horizontal ones, sometimes have to go from within the object out onto the white beyond it (shaded mode in use) and if green yhey dont show up on the model.
If I make them white they show up well then vanish on the white, if black then the opposite !

Needs a crisp ghosted edge of white.


Steve -

That would require a file, then. Preferably a Rhino 7 file - it doesn’t make much sense troubleshooting Rhino 5 issues…

In Rhino 7, you can also apply a mask to text. In Rhino 5, you can only do so to the value of dimensions.

when I get 5 mins I will get a file, over, I need to spend part of the day actually modelling as just layouts are wiping out another week. I wont have any time left at all, looking grim now, to create a win 10 PC, too many Rhino hurdles set me back., cost me so far a few weeks in total.

So sounds like hatches should scale and they didnt.

I will have to struggle on in V5, alter hatch values.

I see masking for dims in V5, but not the subtle halo around characters and lines/arrows , instead a rectangle of colour under the dim, wiping out detail I needed to show. looking crude on a shaded view.