Line Styles: Screen v. Print

Is there any way to get line styles to match on the screen and print? I had been told that using a layout would do it but here is a model in a layout:

and the same printed to a PDF:

The lines styles are no tth esame.

Generally you would adjust the line type scale in Layout to make it look right.

The view about is in a layout. The line styles look right in the layout but are completely different in the print.

Is it maybe a scale issue?

I am setting the scale. The problem is I am getting a different scale on screen and in print.

Try running “PrintDisplay” on the layout. This will enable line type scaling

I did that and it changed the display to like the print. However, when I change the line scale nothing happen in this "print view: as it does in the “display” view.

I’m not sure I follow, or maybe there is a bug that needs to be fixed. When printdisplay is enabled on a layout you should get linetypes that match your printed output. If not, that is a bug and I would need some help to try and figure out how to repeat this.

Here is a simple example. I:

Created a rectangle in a layer.
Changed the print color in the layer to black
Created layer
Enabled the Print Display.

I can then change the line style scaling and it has no effect in the print display (but does in the display mode).
Problem Layout.3dm (3.0 MB)