Print width of line in Rhino8 beta

Need help getting linewidth the same in print to Microsoft PDF. In this file for example,
ESK-gate-top-conduit-252310.3dm (468.5 KB)
I have defined the linetype on the red rectangles to be .5" thick in the viewport, but when I got to print to PDF it is huge. Looks like .5 inches actual even though I’ve set the scale to 1/4"=1foot. I’ve tried several different settings by clicking on the line and changing things but nothing seems to affect the final print.
Just tried different print modes and same problem.


ESK-gate-top-conduit-252310-TO.3dm (493.7 KB)
See attached, I suggest creating a linetype like below, this is honestly my favorite feature in Rhino 8

Sorry to be dumb. I’ve been using Rhino for a few years and have done lots of stuff with it. I can make a layout. But I don’t see how you got to this where you can assign a linetype to selected objects. Also, I tried using the Print width to scale the thickness but that did not work.

So the new workflow in V8. Linetypes are new items that includes line behavior (segments, thickness, end conditions and tapering) if you through that route. You don’t need to deal with print preview or the old linetype/line weights.

It is about confusing for new users who are used to toggle print preview since doesn’t work with the new linetypes system @wim can you confirm?

Okay. If I type in Linetypes in the command line it comes up with the types of lines but nothing like what you displayed in the picture above. Is there a tutorial on line thickness in the viewport versus line thickness on a print? How can I define a line type, specifically thickness and assign it to an object. That looks like fun but I don’t know how to get there.

It is a panel called linetypes, you can add this to any container


As in many cases with Rhino, I got to the panel Linetypes but then couldn’t figure out how to assign that to an object. Right click of course. I finally got it.
But that did not fix the basic problem.
the viewport looks like this
but the preview for print to PDF looks like this

When I try to print the file you modified, I get the same problem when I set your Thick Line to 0.5". It shows very huge in the print preview.
Getting very frustrated with something that should be straightforward.

because you are specifying the line thickness to be 0.5" it will show on the model to be 0.5" and will print as 0.5" if you are looking for a specific consistent look you need to set up a linetype scale factor on the print dialogbox.

now I see your point " why we can’t have a choice to scale lineweights in the layouts according to the specified viewport scale?" this is a valid point. someone from Mcneel should pitch in.

Well, now wait. I specified a line width of 0.5" in my top viewport. The overall dimensions of the drawing itself is about 38 feet wide. The lines show properly scaled in the top viewport. From my point of view they should look properly scaled when I print at 1/4" = 1 foot. But they don’t.

Hello. Anybody at McNeel. This is still a problem that has not been resolved. Hello??

I printed your layout on A4 sheet with a scale of 1/4" - 1’ and it printed exactly as specified in the linetype which is 0.5"

no what happen if you change the setting below:
you may need to close and reopen the dialogbox since the preview window is still buggy.

Assigning model dimensions to the liveweights while printing got it right with another BUG

also Mcneel for the sake of sanity. is there a way for toggling the display of lineweights in the layout space, to follow the scale of the viewport / detail? this is going to have everyone confused.

Assuming that liveweights are specific for the model elements. they need to be scaled properly in the viewport.