Glitch in WIP Linetype setting within the print dialogue

Hi All!

Created a layout page containing two details in different scales. I wanted to have Linetype scaling the same in both details, so that both lines are dashed in the same way even though they are displayed in different scales.
In RH5 I used the Linetype setting within the print dialogue and set it to “Match pattern definition” to have all lines look the same. The behaviour I’m after was described by @mary a few days ago in this thread: Linetype scaling in model space - #15 by mary

In WIP this doesn’t seem to work right:

Lines are being scaled differently when I change the Linetype setting, but they never look the same in the two (red) details neither in the print preview nor in the printout. Could that be a bug? If so, it would be amazing if it could be fixed :slight_smile:

Here’s the file:
LinetypeScaling.3dm (34.5 KB)

Two small side-issues:

  • I keep loosing my docked panels every once in a while: when restarting WIP, all the panels are gone. I know this issue from RH 5, so I guess I’m not the first one to report it… Is this a known bug?
    Unfortunately I cannot find a pattern or any reproducable way to get there…
  • Sometimes, WIP saves 3dmbak files although I disabled this option in Options > Files. Maybe this only happens when Rhino crashes, unfortunately I can’t reproduce this issue neither. Did anybody else report something like this yet?

Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce both of those bugs; but I came across both more than three or four times in the last few days.

Best, Romuald

PS: Adding @pascal as he seems to be working on linetypes and printing if I’m right?

Hello - I see that ‘Match linetype definition’ is broken in the beta - thanks.


Thanks Pascal!
Looking forward to the fix :slight_smile:

RH-43019 is fixed in the latest BETA

Thank you for the info, Brian!