Linetype Scale

Can line types be scaled correctly in different scaled viewports.
Rhino help explains scale as below

Controls the scale used to display linetypes in the viewports. The Scale setting does not affect printing. If you have a dashed pattern (for example) defined as 1/2" line followed by 1/2" break, repeated; that is how it will appear on paper, when printed, without regard to print scale.

This is not how it works for me. If I set a scale of say 10 a 1:10 scaled view port shows a linetype 2.00, 2.00 as a 2 mm dash and a 2 mm space. In a 1:125 scale viewport it shows a 0.165 mm dash and a .165 mm space.
When I plot the drawing I get the same as I see in the viewports. This means the scale does affect the printing.

How can I print this line so that it is a 2 mm dash and a 2 mm space in all viewports.

When you print, look at the options on the left side of the print window, a bit more that half way down you should see Linetypes and Line Widths. If you want your 2.00,2.00 to always print 2mm line 2mm gap, make sure this is set to Match pattern definition.

Thank you that works