Line trails when drawing line

Hopefully someone can help steer me towards a solution.

I have just upgraded to Win 7 pro x64 from XP, and running Rhino3. I have opened up an existing drawing to make some changes. When I go to draw a line I get what can only be described at a line tail, It only seems to happen when working in a shaded display, doesn’t happen when in wire frame.


Can anyone suggest what might be wrong/not configured. As I said the system is brand new and has an Nvidia openGL graphics card, I’m hoping that I won’t have to upgrade to a newer version of Rhino

Thanks in advance


Having spent most of the afternoon searching for a solution, suspecting it might be to do with openGL following a thread on Parallels I have unchecked “Use hardware driver display modes”. While this still gives issues it is miles better than the situation shown in my original message.

That’s to be expected if you are running Parallels which is absolutely not supported by McNeel - display glitches are the most common problem. Not to mention that Rhino 3 is pretty old.


Evening Mitch.

I’m not running rhino in parallels, it was that one of the respondents in the linked thread suggest changing the openGL settings, so through nothing ventured nothing gained.

Fully appreciate Rhino 3 is old, but its perfect for my needs (I design kits for laser cutting and use Rhino for checking assemblies and adding tab/slots). I have put in a call back request from my vendor regarding upgrading to V5, but wanted to know if the display issue was related to the graphics card rather than the software, I can justify upgrading the brand new graphics card if it will solve the problem or Rhino but both would be pushing it…


The display issue is most likely related to upgrading to Windows 7 from XP. When Vista was released, there was a change in how the Microsoft display system worked (in that you couldn’t mix OpenGL with GDI for drawing).

Thanks Steve. Makes perfect sense, and I guess no amount of tinkering with setting within V3 would resolve this issue. looks like I will have to upgrade to V5 then.

Following on from that when I purchased Rhino3 I went for the full zoo suit (Flamingo 1.1, penguin 1.0, bongo 1.0), will I have any issues running these programmes within V5 on win 7 or are they just toolbars? as if I have to upgrade the whole zoo?