Linework Display Bug Rhino 5 Update?

Hi everyone,

I previously had a bad problem of seeing lines and curves through shapes and surfaces . Essentially I could see all linework through my 3D objects. I couldn’t figure out what it was so I unsinstalled and reinstalled rhino 5. This fixed the problem, but came with other a few bugs that required the update. I figured it would be fine so I updated Rhino again and of course I can now see line-work through 3D objects again. This is especially true when I have a lot of lines in my scene.

I have the latest update for my TitanX graphics card and have tried installing older and newer drivers as well. If I draw a few lines and then create a box the issue doesn’t happen, but none of my work is that simple.

If someone could help me figure this out it would help me out a ton. I have spent waaay too much time troubleshooting this in the dark.

here’s an example of the issue

Just to make sure: you are familiar with the various display modes aren’t you? (choosable on the menu that drops down when you click on the little inverted triangle just to the right of the viewport title) Your picture LOOKS like it might be X-ray or ghosted.

I apologize if you are a more experienced user, but since you are new on the forum…

It’s no problem, I am definitely familiar with display modes in Rhino. What you see in the example is taken from the shaded display mode, not x-ray. The problem is persistent across all “shaded type” modes.



Just opened up the file on my old computer which has a quadro 4000 (as opposed to the TitanX) and experienced the same issue. It appears to be a problem with the file or the Rhino 5 update since I did not experience the problem before the update.

Hopefully come Monday some Mcneel folks can shed some light on this issue.

Hi Justin - try ClearDrawOrder on these curves.


Yeeesssssss Pascal, that was it. Thanks a million man.