Line Occlusion in Print From Wireframe (and HIdden) Views

On the right is a print from the Wireframe Detail View in Layout on the left

The Grid lines are occluded by a slab. I understand how this could happen in Hidden View Mode (which it does). Do continuous reference lines like this have to be placed only just below the cut plane to show up ? Shouldn’t every object be transparent in Wireframe View Mode?

Lines show through in Print from Ghosted, but one of the fills has a large gap not present in prints from other modes.
Printing from…
Technical occludes lines
Arctic causes drastic crash.
Xray shows lines but curtain wall is rendered in overlapping tones making it too cluttered to read, gaps in fills in solids.
Conceptual drops out windows.

This is what Ghosted and Xray does to the solid forming the guardwall between the two ramps (which prints correctly in Hidden and Wireframe (It’s printing the beam at the turn in the ramp, too, but I suppose that layer could just be hidden):

If you print from hidden view then apply BringToFront command to the grid lines.

They are still occluded in that condition. The only apparent solution I can see is to float datum lines somewhere below the cutplane but above any potentially occlusive objects. But after any VirtualArq objects are dimensioned to them they have to be locked in place; if they’re moved after that the dimensions will move around erratically/meaninglessly.

Or hiding slabs located at 0.

@Djhg If grid lines are in the same plane as the slab top surface, they should be visible. This is how you have it in the model you sent me (“DimShiftUpload”).

But I guess you have a different version where the slab is above the grid lines. In this case, running the command “BringToFront” on grid lines will make them show up in the viewport but not when printing the layout, so we will fix that.

They always showed in the layout, it’s only been an issue with printing them.

@Djhg, I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior. Grid lines are printed in all models you have sent me. Can you send a new one where you are experiencing thisproblem with? What display mode are you using in the Detail here this happens? Are you printing to vector output?

If you are using the Plan View examples I’ve sent recently, the grid lines won’t be occluded. It’s only an issue printing from model view, which is one of several reasons why I’m not using Model View.

I can’t reproduce this error with your model, so please let me know if I’m doing anything different than you:

This has been fixed in VisualARQ 2.3 VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.3 released